Alejandra Mugica Branding

I was approached by a close friend to help create a brand for her one-on-one health couching business. Alejandra Mugica's vision was to have a brand that reflected the positive and enlightening feeling a person feels when they are living happy and healthy lifestyles, especially young women (age 21-33) who hope to be mothers in the future. When creating this brand I wanted to reflect the rejuvenating feeling a person receives when they decide to live healthier lives. Sprouting from that concept, I used the idea of new mornings as the basis of the brand. Mornings represent new beginnings with every new day comes an opportunity for a fresh start. Alejandra Mugica's health coaching services will provide women with the opportunity to take advantage of every new day by offering a daily advice blog, exclusive newsletters, and one-on-one coaching advice services.

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